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Our mission is simple:

To work with business owners, industry professionals, and management teams who want to address the needs of their workforce - the people behind a company's success - from a humanistic approach.

The humanistic approach values the whole person, acknowledging that employees have personal cares outside of company walls - cares that ultimately affect their attitude, focus, and productivity at work.

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At CSW Business Consulting,

We believe it's time to acknowledge the people who make up our workforce, and that as people, we are affected by our workloads, personal concerns, and can experience mental and emotional overload.

CSW's objective is to assist companies with equipping employees to better manage the demands of busy personal and career lives. We achieve this through education and personal development that focuses on real issues that people are facing.

Through group workshops, CSW aims to break the separation that exists between who a person is individually and how their workplace experience adds, or detracts, from their overall life satisfaction.
When employees are valued on a personal level - outside of what they can offer a company - their achievement at work can actually increase. Employees are searching for leaders who acknowledge each staff member as a whole person; leaders who help employees achieve success in the workplace while supporting their personal needs and complex life concerns.

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Employees want to be empowered to successfully manage their work and personal life responsibilities - and they want to have a greater say in how work affects their bodies, minds, and personal lives.

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Today's workforce is showing us that the one-size-fits-all mentality has expired - society is changing, the workplace has evolved, and the pace of life has become more than what many can easily manage. 
Our workshops will help bring your employees back to themselves, back to a centering point, to posture them for a renewed sense of personal capacity.


Client Testimonies

I knew when I met Jacinta that she would be an excellent presenter. So when I planned Hope Station’s Black Girl’s Chronicles Learning Series, she was the first person I reached out to and she did not fail me. The thought that she put into her workshop...I knew the attendees would leave feeling more  empowered and with greater self-understanding.

Her presentation was so good that one of the attendees asked me to reach out to Jacinta to speak at their company's professional development event. Once again, she delivered!

I thoroughly enjoyed a session Jacinta facilitated for our organization's DEI training event. She has an easy way of getting industry staff to participate and asks thought-provoking questions that cause you to think. Jacinta creates a brave space for people to express themselves.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is unique to every person, but there is an intersection between handling the complexities of our work experiences and managing our well-being and personal obligations.

Session objectives:
• To identify, evaluate, and manage areas of imbalance within personal and work lives. Highlight areas of overwhelm created by various industry dynamics.

• Learn self-management techniques, and fine tune the ability to adjust, as needed, to incoming work and personal responsibilities.

Perfect for DEI and social work professionals to address  industry fatigue, burnout, and internal organizational complexities.

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Developing Emotionally Intelligent Management

At the core of successful, productive teams, are the relationships between management and staff. Professional relationships built on valuing each other through fair, honest communication and treatment are key to maintaining a sustainable company infrastructure.

Session objectives:
To understand how emotionally intelligent interactions can boost collaborative goal achievement and promote a positive work culture.

To assist with providing honest management/staff evaluations that pinpoint areas of need; to determine the appropriate teamwork model that will contribute to a more satisfying customer experience and rate of productivity.

To provide techniques for handling different skill sets, personal dispositions, addressing conflict, and enforcing boundaries professionally. This interactive training includes open discussions, role play, and group reflection questions.

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