Learn more about life coaching

Why Coaching?

Life Coaching is a lifestyle practice that uses common techniques, such as reflective examination and re-scripting, to connect to answers that are unique to each person. Through the coaching process, clients can focus less on the external world and more on their own space - which is exactly where your focus should be.

Experienced life coaches use gentle examination of our choices, perspectives, and self-talk, to nudge us toward greater awareness so we can clearly see our strengths and problem spots. From there, a coach can assist with formulating a plan built upon small, measurable steps.

At CSW, we take a holistic approach to helping you move toward clarity, assessment, and solutions. This gives you the opportunity to shake up old rhythms and patterns to make room for new expressions of who you are.

A few pointers about our sessions...

• During CSW sessions, we want you to feel safe to explore any area of your life - the information shared by a client is always confidential and without judgement. Just like I had to work through my own life struggles, I will assist you in feeling comfortable enough to explore what's needful for you.

• Sessions are available in person, over the phone, or virtually. If interested in group sessions, click here.

• A deposit is required and full payment must be made before the session begins.

You will never be pressured to share information you don't feel ready to share. Clients take the lead in their own journey of self-discovery; I'm here to assist you.

We're here to help you with each step of this process! We look forward to sharing this journey as you discover everything beautiful and unique about you!